Community Engagement Meeting

As a result of the protest that occurred during this year’s Edmonton Pride Parade, it has become necessary to embark on a larger scale community engagement process. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce this process to the community and provide those in attendance with the opportunity to provide feedback on the process. Following the meeting, the minutes will be made available to the public and further into the engagement process more meetings will take place as well as online surveys. Our goal is to hear from as many community members as possible on the engagement process itself, their questions and concerns as a result of the protest, and thoughts on next steps forward for the community and Edmonton Pride Festival Society.

In an effort to make this space as safe as possible we would like to remind you that the following behaviours will not be tolerated: homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism, harassment, or any other form of hatefulness. Within this space, we also remind you that photo taking is not permitted. Should you witness, or be a victim of any of this, please see an EPFS volunteer, board or staff member, or security for help.

After the Engagement process has been presented, the floor will be opened up for those who wish to share their thoughts on the process. If you would like an opportunity to speak during this time we ask that you email our Engagement Committee by Thursday, August 9, 2018, with your YEGLive confirmation number and we will connect with you. If we received more requests to speak then we can fit we will do a random draw on August 10, 2018, and notify those that have been chosen. Should we have additional time afterward the floor will be opened again for anyone else to line up to speak. If you are scheduled to speak, you will be given 2 minutes to share your thoughts with the room. If you choose to speak your name will be reflected in the minutes which will be public sometime after the meeting.

In order to be respectful of all individuals, we will ask that there are no photographs, videos, snapchats, or Instagram stories taken to respect people’s privacy.

When you register for a ticket to this community engagement meeting, you agree to be respectful to all others that will be present and follow our event guidelines. Any individuals who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave. Should we feel it is in the best interest and/or safety of anyone in attendance we reserve the right to terminate the meeting at any time. We hope to have as many members of our diverse community as we can and want all attendees to feel able to express their opinions in a safe environment.

The EPFS has not invited any members of the media, and will not allow members of the press to bring their media cameras into the room. The festival will do its utmost in order to make this a safer space for all those in attendance. Sensitive materials will be covered, so please be aware of this coming into the meeting.


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