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Please join us for the Pride Awards on June 8!

We are now accepting nominations for this year’s Pride Awards. Please click below to enter your nomination:

Lifetime Achievement Award

In the spirit of the four historical prestigious awards — previous recipients include Michael Phair, Maureen Irwin, Todd Janes, and Mickey Wilson — this is open for nominations of Edmonton area individuals/couples who identify within the LGBTQ2S+ community.  Recipient(s) are nominated because of their long-term leadership and service (15 years or more). Recipient(s) have made significant and tangible contributions to the Edmonton LGBTQ2S+ community.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

This award recognizes an Edmonton area individual or group that has made a significant contribution to the Edmonton LGBTQ2S+ community through voluntary service or activism over a number of years (ten or more).

Larry Sand Business Award

This award recognizes a business or organization that has made significant contributions to the Edmonton LGBTQ2S+ community over a number of years.

Sheryl McInnis Award

This award recognizes a faculty member or graduate student, at any postsecondary institution in the Edmonton area, who has used their scholarship and/or teaching to foster rich connections between the city’s academic and broader LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Exceptional Pride Festival Volunteer Award

The Edmonton Pride Festival Volunteer Organizers select an outstanding EPFS long-term volunteer who demonstrates a positive attitude and dedication to the Festival.

HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award

This award recognizes an Edmonton area youth or young adult under 25 who has worked diligently within the LGBTQ2S+ community to promote awareness and support.  A $500 education bursary donated by HIV Edmonton is included with this award.

EPS Sexual and Gender Minorities Liaison Award

Selected and presented by the Edmonton Police Service Sexual and Gender Minorities Liaison Committee, this is an award of merit presented to either a member of the Edmonton Police Service or an individual that is involved in the broader correctional services who has made a significant contribution to the safety, security and understanding of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Pride Certificates

Any number of Pride Certificates may be awarded by the Pride Awards Selection Committee to recognize an outstanding Edmonton area individual, business, non-profit organization, or to celebrate a recent achievement that falls outside of the other award categories (for example a LGBTQ2S+ community group that has undergone restructuring and deserves recognition for their efforts or, an individual that deserves recognition, but none of the other categories are fitting).

2016 Award Recipients
  • Lifetime Achievment Award: Dr.Lorne Warneke
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Richard Andrew Kennedy
  • Larry Sand Award: Fruit Loop
  • EPS SMCL Award: Superintendant Brad Doucette
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Dylan Chevalier
  • Pride Certificates: Brook Biggen, Mike Chalut, Tamara Gartner, Kari-ann Kuperis
2015 Award Recipients
  • Lifetime Achievment Award: Mickey Wilson
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Imperial Court of the Wild Rose
  • Larry Sand Award: The altView Foundation
  • EPS SMCL Award: Sgt. Mike Lokken
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Caeleah Bartosek
  • Pride Certificates: City of Edmonton Youth Council, NAIT Student Engagement
2014 Award Recipients
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award: Jeff Park & Brian Baker
  • Larry Sand Award: GayCalgary Magazine
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Jackie Foord
  • EPS SMCL Award: Superintendent Garry Meads
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Arnie Entz
  • Pride Certificates: Team Edmonton
2013 Award Recipients
  • Larry Sand Award: Dirk Chan
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Karen & Pam Hofman
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Alexa DeGagne
  • EPS SMCL Award: Natasha Goudar
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Kiana Chouinard
2012 Award Recipients
  • Larry Sand Award: The Junction Bar & Eatery
  • Michael Phair Award: Wade King
  • Todd Janes Award: Alex Bailey
  • EPS SMCL Award: Cst. Jeffrey Westman
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Hannah Wiens
  • Pride Certificates: Kristi Wahl-Sullivan
2011 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Andrea Parker
  • Michael Phair Award: David Jackson
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Ruth DyckFehderau
  • EPS SMCL Award: Det. Stephen Camp and Cst. Ken Smith
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Dawn Buchynski
  • Mickey Wilson Award: Abner Brown
  • Pride Certificates: Kindred House, Boyle McCauley Health Centre
2010 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Colleen Sutherland
  • Michael Phair Award: Ken MacDonald
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Michelle Thomarat
  • EPS SMCL Award: Superintendent Danielle Campbell
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Jay Bodnariuk
  • Mickey Wilson Award: Jan Buterman
  • Larry Sand Award: Empress Ale House
  • Pride Certificates: MLA Laurie Blakeman, Bryan Mortensen, Charles Rusnell, Clark Cameron, Kelly Ireton, Will Sutherland, Edmonton Vocal Minority, Garrick Burron, Michael Curios, Michael Harding, Christopher Parsonage, Bellrose Composite High School Students’ Association
2009 Award Recipients
  • EPS SMCL Award: Chief Mike Boyd
2007 Award Recipients
  • Michael Phair Award: Scott Bryen & Kirk Kryvenchek
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Roth DyckFehderau & Brian Parker
  • HIV Edmonton Youth Leadership Award: Lynn Sutankayo
  • Todd Janes Award: Timothy Anderson
2005 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Terri Hayes
  • Michael Phair Award: Rob Wells
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Outspeaks Youth Leadership Project
  • Mickey Wilson Award: Caron Allan
  • Larry Sand Award: Earth’s General Store
  • Todd Janes Award: Arron Kardolus
2004 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Shawna Hohendorf
  • Michael Phair Award: Blair Croft
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Dr.Kristopher Wells
  • Mickey Wilson Award: Mickey Wilson
  • Larry Sand Award: Algonquin Travel
  • Todd Janes Award: Todd Janes
  • Pride Certificates: Megan Heather, Carl Swanson, Michael Woolley
2003 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Carol Cattell
  • Michael Phair Award: Bernard Dousse
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: John Plews
  • Larry Sand Award: Boots & Saddles
  • Pride Certificates: Women’s Breakfast Club, Cafe Mosaics, Southminster Steinhauer United Church, AUPE, CJSR FM
2002 Award Recipients
  • Maureen Irwin Award: Tina Taylor
  • Michael Phair Award: Darrin Hagen & Bob Mills
  • Sheryl McInnis Award: Gloria Filax
  • Larry Sand Award: Orlando Books
  • Pride Certificates: Northern Chaps, EPS Superintendent PJ Duggan, Sunday Night Men’s Group, Two-Spirit Working Group, Alberta Teachers’ Safe and Caring Project
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