Pride Parade Rules & Regulations

Our goal on the day of the parade is to ensure the safety and well being of all participants and spectators. Therefore, all participants in the parade must follow the following Rules & Regulations. Please note the consequences in the breach of contract section below. Group entries will be responsible for the behaviour and actions of all individuals participating in their group.

These rules & regulations were last revised on April 5, 2017.

Safety Regulations

  1. All participants are expected to act in accordance with municipal, provincial and federal laws and/or by-laws
  2. Vehicle requirements are as follows:
    1. Armoured, tactical or other law enforcement vehicles are not permitted.
    2. All vehicles and drivers must provide a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Vehicles must be in good working order and drivers must comply with traffic laws. This includes motorcycles and bicycles.
    3. Vehicles must be able to safely accommodate the number of people chosen to ride, including adequate room to move around and handholds for all passengers. Participants must not join or leave moving vehicles along the parade route, there will be a dedicated area for disembarking at the end of the parade route – please plan accordingly.
    4. Vehicles must not be larger than can currently navigate the parade route safely and must not exceed 3.5m in height.
    5. All structures and decorations must be firmly attached to the vehicle. Inflatable decorations must be secured by multiple lines and be able to withstand moderate winds. In the case of windy conditions, it will be at the discretion of the Parade Director to decide whether or not objects from float must be removed for safety reasons.
    6. All vehicles must carry at least one fire extinguisher. All exhaust pipes near people or decorations must be insulated to minimize fire risk or personal injury.
    7. Parade entries must keep moving in order to stay on schedule. Any performances need to be executed while moving at the parade rate of speed.
    8. At the end of the parade route all entries will be ushered into a dispersal area where they will be required to dismantle and disperse in the shortest time possible. Vehicles must be road ready at the end of this time in accordance with local laws.
  3. Prohibited activities are as follows:
    1. Use of confetti – we are responsible for clean-up of the parade route and wish to keep the work to a minimum.
    2. Handing out food and/or beverages.
    3. Use of fireworks, open fire, or other pyrotechnics.
    4. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Any participants found with alcohol or other prohibited substances will be removed immediately and reported to the authorities.
    5. Use of sirens, alarms, or air horns especially for emergency vehicles.
    6. No promotional audio may be played over sound systems.
  4. Restricted activities are as follows:
    1. Animals must be leashed and/or muzzled as per municipal bylaws. Clean up after an animal is the handler’s responsibility.
    2. Swag, promotional items, and other materials must be handed out to the crowd by marchers. No items are to be thrown into the crowd.

Entry Regulations

  1. All entries must register to participate in the parade. Application forms are available on the EPFS website.
  2. Unregistered entries will be denied entry into the parade.
  3. A representative of each entry must attend the entry orientation meeting prior to final approval.
  4. All entries must be clearly identified and parade ID number must be visible at all times.
  5. All entries must designate a Team Captain who will liaise with the parade marshals, security and first aid. The unit captain will be issued specific identification which must be worn at all times through the parade and surrendered upon completion of the same.
  6. Except for minor finishing touches, floats and vehicles may not be decorated in the staging area of the parade.
  7. Only vehicles who are participating in the parade are permitted in the staging area. Parking along the parade route is strictly prohibited.
  8. All imagery and messaging, be it verbal, written, or otherwise, must comply with the following:
    1. Primarily promote and support the LGBTTQ community.
    2. Not promote or condone violence, hatred or discrimination of any type.
  9. All entry fees include $10.00 SOCAN fee, which allows floats to play music through amplified sound systems.
  10. The theme of the Pride Festival is encouraged to be reflected in your entry.

Breach of Contract

Any breach of contract with regard to any safety or entry regulations may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  1. Removal from participation during the parade.
  2. Fines as determined by EPFS board.
  3. Exclusion from future EPFS events including the parade.
  4. Fines and/or legal action to recover costs related to actions by participants including, but not limited to, property damage, clean up, security and legal fees.

Selection of Entries

The Edmonton Pride Festival values our community stakeholders first and foremost. Therefore, entry into the parade will prioritize community entries. A selection committee including the EPFS parade director, designated board members, and community members will vet applicants with the intent to produce a parade that is reflective of our community. Applicants will be required to submit an application form which will be used to determine how to create the best, fun filled and FABULOUS parade possible for Edmonton.

Some things to keep in mind while filling out your application are the following:

  1. History – What programs or initiatives for the LGBTTQ community has your organization/business supported or created?
  2. Culture – Does your organization have an active policy to promote diversity on sexual orientation/gender identity? What does it entail?
  3. Purpose – What do you believe the purpose of the pride parade is and why do you think it’s important to your organization/business?
  4. Values – What are your organization/business’s values and how do they align with the EPFS and the parade.
  5. Theme – How do you plan to reflect this year’s theme in your entry?
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