Support Pride

There are so many important reasons to partner with the Edmonton Pride Festival including corporate philanthropy and community involvement.

The Edmonton Pride Festival Society is specifically seeking partnerships with individuals, community organizations and corporate affiliates to contribute to the festival and the goals of the EPFS.

Individuals who have performance or organizational skills can directly contribute to festival programming.

Community groups are encouraged to host events during the festival, provide volunteer services and promote the festival internally to their members.

Corporate affiliates and media partnerships are important in developing the overall profile of the festival and its many events.

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Did you know that Edmonton Pride is one of the largest Pride Festivals in Canada hosting over 35,000 people! Volunteers and organizations work tireless hours to bring you 10 days jam packed with nearly 40 events there is something for everyone!

Donation stations will be available at the Celebration on the Square and our Brigade will be along the parade route collecting donations. Every little bit counts in order to keep the Pride Festival Growing.

In 2014 the cost of pride will be approximately $500,000.  Nearly 60% of the cost is covered through the generosity of our sponsors, grants and funding accounts for about 20% and we look to you to help cover the remainder of the costs.

For more information contact Angela Bennett, Executive Director at or call 780-267-7433.