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Promotional Item Ideas for Pride Parade

In celebration of Pride, numerous places around the world usually celebrate it with a Pride Parade. With such a meaningful event, businesses like and individuals see this as an opportunity to create items that not only promote the LGBTQ+ community but also increase the visibility and impact of their business’ brand. Anyone could avail of such items to show their support and their alliance to the community. Here are some examples of promotional items to consider for the upcoming Pride Parade:


As more people come together for the Pride parade, they will need something to place all their stuff in. Rucksacks and backpacks not only provide this convenience for your potential customers but also helps in extending your brand’s reach to the public. You can design your rucksacks and backpacks with the colors of LGBT and place your brand logo on its wide surface.

Promotional T-shirts and Polo Shirts

For any event, custom T-shirts and polo shirts are a staple item when it comes to promotional items. People who are members or allies of the LGBT community love to be fashionable and well-dressed. If you can create and design a stylish custom T-shirt or polo shirt, not only will your brand awareness increase but also ensure that those that joined the Pride parade would not only look chic but enable them to proudly show their colors and support.

Walking Umbrella or a Golf Umbrella

The Pride Parade is an event that most people look forward to but like all parades, the weather plays a huge factor. Regardless, the parade must go on. That said, you can create and design umbrellas integrated with LGBT colors and have your brand printed on its surface. You can give out these umbrellas to individuals to ensure that whether it’s rain or shine, everyone present will enjoy the Pride Parade.

Promotional Hats, Caps, and Scarves

Another promotional item to consider is hats, caps, and scarves. You can strategically place your brand on said items while attracting potential buyers with their trendy designs and colors. This is one way to extend your brand reach to the others. You can also experiment and try combinations of a hat or cap and a scarf or demonstrate other methods that these items can be worn. Not only will it look fashionable but it will also increase your brand’s reputation with how you act towards your prospective customers.

Sports bottles

Although enjoyable, parades can be tiring and make you thirsty. As such, sports bottles can provide at least a little bit of relief and quench your thirst. Just be sure to place your brand on the surface of sports bottles so as to attract other potential customers to get their own sports bottle from you before the parade starts.

Many people gather during the Pride Parade in support of LGBT. This is one opportunity where you can increase your brand’s awareness by making items with strategically placed brand logos that promote your brand with a splash of pride color.