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About Us

Although there are a huge number of members in the entire LGBTQ+ community, not everyone has had the resources nor the opportunity to bond and get affiliated with their fellow peers.

In effect, there is little to no connection within said community. This leads to a lack of unity and a strong support group among the people in the group.

In Edmonton Pride Events, we do everything in our power to create such opportunities that will help members of the community to interact with one another.

Our vision is to create a close, accepting, and tight knit support group if not a family. In addition, we do what we can to provide access to tools and information that can help others break down barriers, gain like-minded friends and most importantly to love and cherish oneself.

Edmonton Pride Events not only looks at the well-being of the community as a whole but also the well-being of each individual.

We aim not only to strengthen the community but also its members in making sound and informed decisions with the resources and opportunities we provide and create.

We strive to do better in order to reach our goals and would be glad to collaborate with people who share the same belief.