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CBD Oil Products

LGBTQ’s Increasing Interest in CBD Oil Products

It has been reported that there has been a rapid growth of LGBTQ interest in CBD in Canada in recent years.
Many people associated with the LGBTQ movements have confirmed using these products. This information comes amid the decision by several states to legalize the use of cannabis products.
Several industries associated with manufacturing these products have reported high profits, with the LGBTQ community being one of the usual clients.
Growing Interest in CBD in the LGBTQ Community
Experts have predicted that in 2021 and beyond, the revenue…

LGBTQ Community Use CBD

How the LGBTQ Community Use CBD to be Happy

Members of the LGBTQ community often unite together to be happy and share the love. According to CBDNorth, the battle against hate in the world takes a toll on them. It makes them suffer as they struggle to find their identity within society. They usually experience anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts that may lead many to kill themselves.
According to statistics released by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, almost 60% of members of LGBTQ experience suicidal thoughts in their lives. Many teenagers who were found to be transgender were found to …

Pride Parade

Promotional Item Ideas for Pride Parade

In celebration of Pride, numerous places around the world usually celebrate it with a Pride Parade. With such a meaningful event, businesses like and individuals see this as an opportunity to create items that not only promote the LGBTQ+ community but also increase the visibility and impact of their business’ brand. Anyone could avail of such items to show their support and their alliance to the community. Here are some examples of promotional items to consider for the upcoming Pride Parade:
As more people come together for the Pride parade, they will …


Vancouver gay pride

Vancouver Gay Pride gathers members and enthusiasts of the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate the active spirit and culture of this colorful community. It has surely come a long way from a low-key demonstration to filling the streets of the city with its vibrant colors every year.
The kick-off starts with a festival at Sunset Beach where speeches and live performances are heard. An hour after is when the major highlight, the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade takes place. There are other festivities to enjoy as well such as a Pride Picnic in the Park or a Ruff Party at The Pint….


Calgary gay pride

In the Canadian City of Calgary, the LGBTQ+ community celebrates a week-long festival called the Calgary Gay Pride.
The week-long celebration includes several activities such as concerts, plays, parties, panel discussions and parades.
One of the major highlights and activities that most people look forward to is the Calgary Gay Pride Parade which usually occurs in the last day of the week. Families can enjoy the parade and witness thousands of spectators downtown.
Afterwards, the spectators party at Prince’s Island Park. It’s a free, outdoor party large enough to accommodate everyone where they could enjoy the …


Montreal gay pride

Another Canadian City is going to be lively in between the end of July and the beginning of August. The Montreal Gay Pride, also known as Fierté Montreal, is the largest LGBTQ+ festival and is said to be the city’s largest gatherings of LGBTQ+ community. It consists of millions of local and international spectators that came to celebrate pride for 11 days filled with fun and entertainment.
The festival incorporates programs such as Community Day, Literary Pride, and Pride Festival along with the Montreal Gay Pride Parade. The event guarantees a lively and rainbow-colored spectacle.
The major highlight for the Montreal Gay …