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Queer films

Fortunately, some films cater to the LGBTQ+ audience. One could check out the recently added LGBTQ+ films, read the synopsis of said film, and find the movie interesting enough to pique their curiosity.

Another method of selecting films is to find them by genre. The genres include adventure, animation, a biography or a documentary, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, romance, sports, family, history, musical, supernatural, or even shorts.  These films are of varying degrees in terms of story.

One film may be about dealing with pain, loss, and rejection as the viewer journeys with the main character being shunned and alienated by loved ones and society whilst another may be lighthearted and just for laughs.

This is how the classification of films by genres and the synopsis of the film or movie can help one in finding and selecting a film to watch.

The stories of these movies give different insights in line with the LGBTQ+ community. The movie, “Moonlight” (2016) won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2017. It is like a coming-of-age film that shows an African-American man struggle with his sexuality while growing up in Miami. The film, “Paris is Burning” is a recommendation especially for drag queens in the ball culture.

There are also films based on a true story like “Boy Erased” wherein a pastor forces his son into a conversion therapy program in the hopes of curing him.