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Lesbian visibility

The term “lesbian” is commonly associated with numerous stereotypes. Nevertheless, lesbians also have their own history albeit easily forgotten by most.

Like the others in the community, they supported one another especially during difficult times and fought for their freedom and rights alongside their fellow kin and other minorities that constantly faced violence and subjugation.

On April 26, 2008, Lesbian Visibility Day is celebrated. This is when respected lesbian role models speak up and bring to light the issues the community is facing.

Although gay men are also susceptible to violence and homophobia, most of them earn more money and can move freely compared to their lesbian counterparts. Lesbians are known to constantly face sexism and homophobia in addition to harassment and violence.

Regardless, it is essential that lesbians keep their unyielding spirit and continue to uplift not only fellow lesbians but other GBTQ+ as well.